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About Us

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Like most of us, you've probably spent the last few years locked away in your back room, working on your short stories or your poems. Maybe you've been tweaking a masterpiece, the great British novel, making it as polished as you can. And so you should - that's what writers do isn't it? Well, yes, but that's quite hard work. It's a lonely past-time to say the least. The best writing comes from an influx of ideas and sometimes it's just a good idea to get away from your desk, or your kitchen table, and give inspiration a chance to strike.

The whole ethos behind Written Inc. is for people who are interested in the same thing to get together and trade ideas and opinions. There's nothing quite like sharing some of the things you're working on and getting some reaction to them. Even better if you can inspire someone else, make them laugh, make them think. Our group is open to anyone who wants to come along, and entirely free to be a part of. We rely on the charity of community groups in the city to supply us with a place to meet so that we don't exclude anyone who might want to come along and take part.

We operate in a relaxed and casual way, with a focus on developing our own writing and on highlighting to other members the events that each of us has found out about. We talk about books we've read, books we've enjoyed, books we wish we'd written. Oh, and we also quite like the odd pint. We try and cater to as wide a range of people as we can, so whilst we can (and do) give critique of each other's work, we ask that anyone wanting that specifically request it when presenting what they've written. We all write for different reasons, we all respond to criticism in different ways, so it's up to our members to tell the rest of the group what they expect to get out of participating.

These days, there are more and more literary events happening, more and more spoken word nights and open mic nights. These give us a chance to meet other writers, to hear what other people are doing, to get tips and hints about possible opportunities. There's plenty of great writing out there which isn't necessarily being shortlisted for the Man Booker prize - getting out and about a bit helps you find it. We welcome any information on these events that we can share.

If you're interested in joining, or just coming along to give it a look, we meet every other Wednesday (upcoming meetings are listed on the scrolling section on the right of the Homepage). Please get in touch for the address by dropping us a note using the 'Contact Us' Form on the site. Bring something along to read if you like, something of your own or just something you enjoyed.

Or just come to listen for now.

Maybe we'll see you soon.